Melinda Moon

About Me

"Music can change the world because it can change people."  Bono.


"My favorite is If You Could Hie to Kolob.
This arrangement is very well presented.  Each I time that listen to it, I feel hopeful and joyous."

"Beautiful Songs of Healing put me at ease.
The music is eloquent and divine.  Each time I listen I feel tranquil and focused."

"Melinda's music left me strengthened,
I felt uplifted and ready to take on the next challenge.  I listening to this CD while driving through scenic North-East Utah.  The music enhanced the beauty of everything I saw."


I started my musical journey at home at a very young age.  My mother would play classical music often in our home.  Piano lessons started at age 8, with my mom as my first teacher.  I had about 5 years total of piano lessons.  I started learning the violin by my own request at about 11.  My mother taught me violin until college, however she never made me practice and we never had formal lessons.  Practicing was enjoyable to me.  I wanted to learn so much I would ask my mother to teach me how to play violin and when she heard mistakes in my practicing, she would correct me.   

I still remember the moment I wanted to learn to play the violin. One day, my mother and her friend were preparing to play a duet in church.  As they practiced in our front room, the spirit that filled the air from those beautiful strains was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard or  experienced.  I wanted to be able to create such beauty myself.



Performing, arranging, recording, producing, teaching, motivating, loving.       


I have listened to a lot classical music in my life.  This along with my musical education, formal and informal, performing, arranging, teaching music to all ages (including my own children), my life experiences and love of people and music have combined to make me the person and musician that I am today.  I truly feel that coming full circle with life and who you are as a person affects who you are as a musician.  I am an artistic, creative person who is at times full of emotions.  My music is an artistic outlet as well as a way to communicate what I am feeling.  Expressing and creating with music has made me a better musician and a more complete person.  This makes music very rewarding. 


Music is my passion.  It is my form of entertainment as well as how I serve others.


Melinda Moon is a skilled performer and educator.  She is currently a member of the Wasatch Chamber music society, performing on the Davis Arts Chamber Music series.  Melinda has performed professionally as well as voluntarily in several chamber groups and orchestras, such as the “Bay Area Little Symphony”.  Melinda loves to perform spiritual music in church and enjoys sharing her own  arrangements.  Melinda has run a violin studio for 14 years, using the Suzuki and traditional teaching methods.  Having seen the benefits of music therapy with adults, children, and those with special needs, Melinda’s studio performs their recitals at a care center to share the benefits of music with more people.  She has been educated on violin by her mom, several university professors as well as by expert teachers in the Suzuki method’s teacher training process.  Melinda Moon received her Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance from Southern Utah University.  Melinda has 5 children and is actively involved in their music education.  

My goal is to lift, inspire and love using music.


Music is a powerful tool that can be used for much good.  I feel so grateful for all those who have shared with me and taught me music.  I want to continue the legacy by blessing as many as I can with my music.        

Melinda Moon is 7 months pregnant in photo. 

"I realized the truth is I don't have time to waste when I'm not in the process of working with music because it is so good for me."