Melinda Moon

Our Adoption Plans



We really would love to adopt a baby and are hoping that sales from my album will help us to raise the funds for our adoption.  It would also really help us if we could do a private placement and avoid going through an adoption agency, which is largely the marketing costs.  This could cut adoption costs by around 70% since it would be reduced to mostly lawyer fees and a homestudy.  We can not adopt through LDS family services because of how many children we have, so we would appreciate any help.  If you know of a baby that needs a loving home with experienced parents and siblings, please consider us.   It would fulfill a lifelong dream of ours to adopt a baby.  We would do all that we could to provide a loving home filled with religion and music and the best opportunities in life that we could possibly offer.

My last pregnancy was the worst one of all and was the hardest trial I have ever endured.  I was forced to be on bed rest for 3 months because the nausea and vomiting became so bad whenever I exerted myself to do anything, such as to simply get dressed.  I was  quite nauseous the entire pregnancy.   This sickness really took its toll on me and my family.  Physically and emotionally, I remember feeling like I was dying.  I really missed out on my family and life.   My children missed out on having a functioning mother, my husband misses out on a functioning wife.  I know learning and teaching music had helped me through rough times of being pregnant.  With my last, hardest pregnancy it was mostly the music from the movies that I watched to keep my mind off my constant nausea suffering that was the music that helped me through this hard time.


Both Lafe and I have always wanted to adopt, even since we were children dreaming about the future.  Please let us know if you know of anyone who needs to place their baby into a loving home.  If you don't know of a baby, you could buy my album "Beautiful Songs of Healing" to help us raise the funds or simply donate how much you can afford to our cause.  We have actually started the process of adopting twice in the past, but because we could not pay the cost, we had to change plans and I was fortunate enough to become pregnant.  The problem with my pregnancies is that I get severe hyperemesis gravidarum. 


This donation will go to Lafe and Melinda's  adoption fund.  If we are not able to raise enough money to adopt, or raise too much then we will donate the remainder to the LDS family services adoptions.  Thank you.